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ary Trainer

For over Eleven years, I've been getting calls from people looking for tires for the PTS Turbo trainer. They all share one thing (two things) in common, one, they love the machine, two, the tire is rotted. Amazingly, these old machines

Preciso de uma assistĂȘncia TĂ©cnica em Caxias do Sul, RS, Brasil.

I purchased a tire and it too is very tight against the roller. I cannot determine how to adjust it. If you loosen the two bolts the roller will slide down, but the amount it slides down is limited by the v made between the two supports. Any suggestions??

The its turbo 1000 was the best bike ever made period and if they ever start making them again I will take ten to start with.ED

I have a PTS Turbo Trainer like the one you have pictures of. I need some close up pix of the hub on both sides. Have put a rebuilt hub into the wheel, but some of the exterior nuts, washers etc. where not kept in order by the bike shop that put the new hub in for me. Any help, maybe a manual?

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